Tribe Exhibition Opening Cocktail

1 Nov 13

T.R.I.B.E is a platform established to connect media-labs and artist-in-residency spaces in East Europe and the Balkans. All organizations involved are making the first stepts to bulid AIT programs for production and research for experimental, digital and research art. The network encourages exchange between these places as well as production and touring of international transitory artworks. All believe in building the infrastructure for artistic research, production and representation with the purpose to revitalize the either closed or just unfamiliar artistic scenes of the so called East.

T.R.I.B.E was built in partnership with (Prag), ARTos Foundation (Nicosia), BIS – Bosy Arts Association (Istanbul), Treci Beograd (Beograd), ve In Situ Modern Art Foundation (Warszaw) and lead by MoTA (Museum of Transitory Art).

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