Dark Farewell

Dark Farewell is a first person video game which focuses on storytelling with non-linear gameplay and interesting monologue, while adapting to the player’s perception of the game. The project is more of a question pointed towards the design methods of the popular video game genres. First person shooters, sports and action games mostly provide the player with objectives, missions and goals. Then the players proceed to engage in various challenges that has been given to them. And if they succeed, they are rewarded. If the players are satisfied with the reward they keep on playing and new challenges are presented, if they are not satisfied they simply quit playing. In Dark Farewell, there are no goals, no objectives and absolutely no missions. The players get to decide what their goals are.

The game starts with very little information, the players are stranded in an abondoned coal mine with nothing but a monologue. As they proceed further into other sections of the mine, they are presented with different paths. The player may venture deeper into the mine to eventually find about a character’s memories and portray the mine as a giant subconscious maze while turning the game into a puzzle-solving adventure. Or the player can just simply assume the mine is real and try to escape without venturing into lower sections resulting in the game turning into a survival-action.
Or perhaps, the player may try to escape the mine after finding about a character’s memories and face the psychological breakdown of a mind while transforming the game into a survival-horror. The game adapts to the player’s perception of the game instead of the player having to adapt to the game’s rules or goals.

However, what you are going to be seeing or playing is a part of the alpha stage of the game. It is not the actual game, but just a prototype with only one path available.
Video games with such caliber takes more than just several months and they are often developed by teams. Not by a single student, with 3-4 months in his hands. Nevertheless, the prototype is here to show the key design elements but unfortunately not the major key features. In order for such a project to be complete, without doubt a team and enough resources are essential.



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