City Skyline Map

Cities are usually well known with one or a couple of silhouettes taken from their most famous touristic districts. One might see these silhouettes and understand which city they belong to. However an inhabitant of the city is confronted with a lot of other silhouettes rather than those most typical ones. One might consider each of them saying something about the current identity of the city. In the past couple of years Istanbul was being discussed about the changes that are being made on its silhouette. City Skyline Map keeps the record of the city’s physical presence in the year of 2013 by making an interactive documentation of the silhouettes collected from different so-called developing locations within the city. The project is a combination of the real map and interactive visuals created in the computer environment based on technology called Augmented Reality (AR). The user is able to carry the map anywhere but the silhouettes of the city could be seen through a website and a webcam.


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