The Mime

“The Mime” is a dynamic interactive canvas, in which a stop-motion video of a female mime artist follows the visitor. She orients her view towards the visitors face by face tracking, and if the visitor tries to take a picture of the canvas, the mime takes a picture of the visitor vice versa. The pictures of the visitors also will be displayed next to the mime itself. While the visitor takes the picture of the mime as a souvenir, as an expandable object, the mime literally captures the visitor’s image into its world by putting it inside a canvas too and makes it a part of the artwork.
The pantomime concept is chosen in this artwork, because the word root “mime” comes from the Greek word “mimos” which means imitating and impersonating. The work focuses on how the smart technologies root from imitating the human being. First they follow and imitate the human, then human follows them back. There is an alternating process in between. During this process, it is lost who primarily the follower is, who watches and imitates. An action like “photo shooting” which is originally owned by technology, surprises us when done by technology as an individual.
In addition, despite their incredible computing abilities, the new technologies fall behind in some very elementary capabilities of the human, especially in image processing. Thus, a “smart” technology can be counted as “dumb” doing such tasks.
So “mime” is chosen as the aesthetical style of this project, as for the embedded foolishness in its slapstick comedy style and that it stands as a representation for the “imitation” concept just as artificial intelligence tackles.



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