United Colors of Dissent (UCoD ­ http://ucod.org) is a data­driven performance designed for live public interaction using mobile phones and public displays. Participants collectively respond to a series of questions in their […]

In Euclidean space, objects are determined by three dimensions, the x-y-z coordinates. Spheres introduce discomfort into the space and seemingly distort it by changing their volume, positions and spatial relationships. […]

Art is not about the audience anymore but about the art world that successfully has overtaken art itself. Art doesn’t need to address society with its actual problems since self […]

A two channel 3D computer animation diptych recreating an online flame war about degrees of expertise around the computer fantasy game Everquest. The specific points of contention may appear recondite […]

The Note It is probably safe to say that ‘The Note’, focuses on the experience of being more than on seeing. We offer the player anopportunity to play their part […]

Siyah Veda hikaye anlatımının ön planda tutulduğu, birinci kişi bakış açısında oynanan ve oyuncunun oyunu kavrama yeteneğine adapte olabilen bir video oyundur. Proje aslında popüler video oyun türlerinin tasarım yöntemlerine […]

Amorfonik, jeneratif algoritmalara ve birden fazla çatıdan oluşan bir mimariye dayalı interaktif bir enstalasyondur. Bilgisayar, sanat ve insani öğeleri bir araya getirerek cazip bir deneyim yaşatmayı amaç edinir. Yöntemsel geometrik […]