Open School Student Exhibition

Dark Farewell is a first person video game which focuses on storytelling with non-linear gameplay and interesting monologue, while adapting to the player’s perception of the game. The project is more […]

Amorphonic is an interactive installation based on generative algorithms and a multi-framework architecture that brings computation, art and the human touch together for an alluring experience. The procedurally geometric, amorphous hero […]

Touch the Ocean is an interactive educational installation which introduces marine species to children. Its target audience is pre-school children who are 4-7years old. This project aims to turn a […]

Gender at Home is an autobiographical, interactive web documentary on gender roles. 9 participants of the documentary are all my relatives, friends or neighbors who are talking about their experiences, […]

  <   back Gamut is designed to visualize multiple audio signals generated from different musical instruments on a single screen in a live performance. Artist: Arda Aksoy

“The Mime” is a dynamic interactive canvas, in which a stop-motion video of a female mime artist follows the visitor. She orients her view towards the visitors face by face […]

Küçük kahramanımız  Flatu sevgili arkadaşını bulmak için bir yolculuğa çıkar. Zorlu maceralar sonunda geçtiği yollar onu olgunluğa ulaştıracaktır. Artist: Felix Barbarino Hannes Gottschall Nikolaj Woroschilow Pascal Grittmann Phillip Rebmann

Can you realize the whole composition which is presented by the painter by only looking at the painting? Do brush strokes of the painter or the chemical of the colours […]

Relegated is a short and fast paced multiplayer game. The goal is to knock enemys of the level with various skills and different characters. It currently supports up to 4 players who […]

Player, enters BAU Galata and starts visiting floors just to get to know Communication Design Department. S/he attends different classes at each floor and plays the mini games which are […]